— The Hmong celebrated an important anniversary at the historical Vietnam War landmark of The Highground Memorial Park in Neillsville on Thursday,... 269 days ago — 85,000 Hmong and Lao make Minnesota home, almost all 85,000 have an immediate relative who served during the Secret War in Laos. The war started in... 269 days ago — Lao and Hmong-American veterans and their families from Minnesota are embarking on a journey to Washington, D.C. The group departed on buses,... 272 days ago — “With an education comes some form of power. And that power can be used to do a lot of good.” – Talee Vang 273 days ago — WAUSAU – Hmong veterans who fought in Laos on the side of the United States during the Vietnam War, and their supporters, will gather at The... 273 days ago — WAUSAU – Abraham Vang, a prominent Wausau-area Hmong soldier, leader and advocate, died in his home Friday night from a heart attack, his son... 273 days ago — Gniakee Thao was as slight as a child and barely any older when he joined the Royal Lao Army to oppose the Communist takeover of Laos. On Tuesday,... 273 days ago — A 28-year-old Wausau man is behind bars on $10,000 cash on allegations he physically assaulted a family member for not providing him with cigarette... 276 days ago — A Fresno County man is in jail on charges of rape and child molestation. Cha Yang, 38, turned himself in to the Fresno County Jail early Wednesday... 276 days ago — Q: What happened to the woman accused of putting her baby in a microwave? Dawn, Rio Linda A: Ka Yang remains in Sacramento County Jail, accused... 280 days ago